Our Mission + Vision

Collaboration Project exists to foster collaboration between churches for the good of the city and the flourishing of every person #soallmayflourish

Our dream is that churches throughout our area would be united in service to the most vulnerable to the glory of God and the good of all.

Our Strategy

We plan to accomplish our mission by CELEBRATING and ACCELERATING the ways the local church is already collaborating to serve the most vulnerable. We have FOUR areas of focus that will help to celebrate and accelerate the good work taking place.


We believe that stories have power. Stories stick. We plan to tell stories focused on the local church when the collaborate in service to the most vulnerable. It is our hope these stories would encourage the church and help shape a positive narrative about the church in the greater community.

affinity groups

We believe that we are better together. And that we can all benefit as we share best practices, encourage and pray together. These groups are made up of pastors, lay leaders and non-profit members aka whoever gets involved! It is our hope that out of these groups will emerge collaborative effects related to the group’s focus.

Pastor Care + Connection

We believe that the health of the church begins with the health of the pastors. That is why we desire to support pastor networks where they exist and foster them were they don’t. We also plan to offer resources, training and encouragement related to deepening and expanding a heart for our community.

Collaboration events

We believe that it is good when gather together. The Kingdom Justice Summit began in 2014 and is now part of Collaboration Project. KJS is a conference that invites people from local churches throughout our area to come together around issues of Biblical justice and dream about what it might look like to live out Kingdom justice.

All of the above is made possible by our generous financial partners. Please become a partner today!

our dream

We believe that God has called the church to be united in Christ and that when we are it brings glory to God and love to our community. We dream of the local Christian church throughout our community being united in their service to the most vulnerable, to God’s glory and the good of all people!